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TaskWise – Installation Guide and Full Documentation

TaskWise is a freelancer marketplace based on Laravel where you can create gigs, sell services, and post jobs as an employer. Freelancers can send offers for the posted jobs, and both the freelancers and employers can engage in real-time chat with each other.

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TaskWise Setup & Installation


When downloading the zip package file from IttihadSoft’s , you will find all the necessary files inside. The zip package contains the following files:

  • TaskWise.zip: contains the Laravel project

Upload Files

To install the project, you need to upload the project files to the server’s public_html or your domain’s root directory. Unzip the file you downloaded from IttihadSoft, and you will find the project files. Upload these files to the project’s server directory.

Installation of Database Migrations and Demo Content

Rename “env.example” to “.env” and open the “.env” file located in the project’s root directory. Update the database information in the “.env” file with your own database credentials.

Go to your website’s URL at https://yourdomain.com/install

Make sure all permissions are enabled.

Enter the correct database credentials.

Click on the “Import” button to import the demo database.

After the demo import, you can create an admin user.

Now you can visit your demo site.

Sources and Credits

We would like to acknowledge the following sources and credits for the development of this software:

Once again, thank you for purchasing this software. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to provide support and help you with any issues you may encounter. You can also visit the forums and post your questions in the “Item Discussion” section for more general inquiries about the software on IttihadSoft.